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FamilyMap cannot locate phone...EVER


FamilyMap cannot locate phone...EVER

I have familymap on 2 phones, on 1 it is always able to locate the phone. On the other, it hasn't been able to locate the phone since the very first time I used it. I know the phone is on, but it always says it cannot locate the phone. FYI these are all samsung phones. We have this feature on our daughters' phones, 1 lives with us, the other doesn't. THe one who does not live with us, familymap always locates her phone. On the daughter who lives with us, whose phone I know is always on and sometimes in the same room as me, it can never locate. Did she disable something so that it can't be located? I've even tried locating it right after she's texted me a question so I know it's on and SIM card is in it.

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Re: FamilyMap cannot locate phone...EVER

I know this is an old post, but I can't locate 2 of my 3 phones, no matter what I've tried so far.... 1 iPhone 3gs locates fine, 2 Galaxy Note's won't locate at of which is mine. Any suggestions? Please?
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