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False advertising won't commit to refund policy and humiliated


False advertising won't commit to refund policy and humiliated

Before purchasing a 100 dollar accessory I asked if it was returnable. Sales representative kindly smiles and says yes. I purchased a MICRO SD card for my tablet. After being able to only download a single movie from Google play, the card failed to upload anything else. Disappointed, I walk back to the at&t store with my receipt,  accepting them to honor their refund policy. Shortly after explaining my situation, i was told there's nothing to be done so I walk home. Next day after carefully reviewing my reciet,  I find my a item is listed as returnable upon 14 days. So I called the general store manager, as I explain my situation once more he abruptly tells me if I bring in the paper work that's says I can return it, he'll give me  a refund. So I walk back in Anthony, same guy I spoke to on the phone, the store manager tells me he's on the phone with his upline. Explains my situation laughs about it with the gentleman on the phone and tells me there's nothing that can be down. Before leaving he mocks how I wasted money for something that doesn't work. After 10 year's dealing with AT&T, this location has by far the rudest and shady employees. Usually I don't express my frustrations on public fourms nut something should be done about this unprofessional establishment. I highly doubt I'm the only one that has been mistreated here multiple times.

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Re: False advertising won't commit to refund policy and humiliated

Hello, Oceansideca!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experience. Could you please send me the address to this store so I can initiate an investigation? Click here to send me a private message, and be sure to include details about your visit (when you bought the device, when you stopped in to return it, etc.).





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