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I recently relocated and my phone will not work at my house or even on my street.  It took AT&T a whole week to let me know that I now reside in a "deadzone" and the only way my phone will work is with some kind of booster device that cost $199. I currently pay $103 monthly for a single line and now they want me to give them almost $200 to make my service work. I think that this is just absurd. My only other option is to end my contract for $275 dollars. I feel like the company should cover some is not majority of the ETF considering that they advertise that they have "the most reliable 4g network coverage" and clearly they do not. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I really regret my decision to do business with this company. I also plan on filing a compliant with the Better Business Bureau.

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All carriers will push a booster on you $$ with Sprint being the only one that provides it free.

Best bet give ATT CS a couple callsssss speak with reps in upper management see if they will help you out.




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One poor experience does not prove that a network is not the most reliable. I assume that that claim was based on a study that aggregates all data for all carriers.

But you have an ever bigger problem, which is that "reliability" has nothing to do with "coverage." If you are not in a coverage area, then of course you won't be able to access the reliable network, no matter how reliable it is.

This is not false advertising. All that happened was that you moved from a coverage area to a noncoverage area. Personally, I wish they would offer to waive the ETF in such situations, but I'm sure the contract you agreed to says they do not have to do so.
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If you feel there is another carrier that gives you better coverage, I would switch them. Go buy a prepaid phone; use it for a week and see if the coverage is better.


I've never been able to haggle a microcell out of AT&T and I pay a lot every month for service. My billing address is in a great area, but my service area is dead zone. AT&T still has not been able to make a distinction of the two.


My solution was to just buy the microcell and be done with it. My time is worth more than trying to spend hours on this.

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