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FaceTime on unlimted plan


FaceTime on unlimted plan

I'm on a grandfathered unlimted data plan using an iPhone 4S I got two years ago.


Has AT&T opened up FaceTime now on the unlimited plans ?  Months ago in my phone settings I set my phone not to allow FaceTime calls over the cellular network so I wouldn't be billed for unexpected charges.  Tonight I got a FaceTime call over cellular.


After the call I checked the settings on my iPhone and can't find find where to turn it on/off anymore over cellular.  Was this feature removed on one of the recent iOS7.x updates and are FaceTime calls now allowed on an unlimited plan ?

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Re: FaceTime on unlimted plan

You should be able to use Facetime over cellular with a grandfathered plan.

However ATT said everyone should be able to use facetime on a grandfathered plan by the end of the year.

Go to settings > Cellular > Facetime >< toggle it on

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