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FaceTime Over Cellular Data with Mobile Share Only!


Re: FaceTime Over Cellular Data with Mobile Share Only!

jane697 wrote:

Slightly off-topic, but IMHO AT&T should roll out tethering/hotspot at no additional charge to individual tiered and LTE Unlimited data plan users as well.  Now before you ask as to why should AT&T bother doing that, keep in mind that initially, Facetime over cellular was made available (at no additional charge) only to Mobile Share plan users...then it was made available--again, at no additional charge--to individual tiered data plan users...and now it's being rolled out to LTE Unlimited data plan users--here too, at no additional charge.  I mean, what exactly does AT&T have to lose by offering tethering at no additional charge to individual tiered and LTE unlimited plan users since tethering is already offered at no additional charge for Mobile Share plan users?  If users of either of these two groups choose use up their allotted data bucket from a combination of surfing/video streaming/tethering, then they would automatically either get charged another $10/GB or throttled, respectively.  Sure, AT&T may lose revenue from no longer selling a la carte tethering plans to individual tiered data plan users...but look at it this way--AT&T could have easily elected to make Facetime over cellular an a la carte feature available at an additional cost to non-Mobile Share plan users but they chose not to do so.

problem is tethering was never avaiable on unlimited even when it was an active plan, you wanted tethering you paid for it seperately. Again firmly believe the grandfathered unlimited plan is on the way to being sunseted like verizon has done

Not everyone want tethering, it is an additional charge item that is already calculated into the cost of the shared plan where on the tiered plan it is not, so a cost adjustment woud be required, either in the base cost of the tiered plan or the overage costs - no company in their rightmind will set themselves up for losing money, which is exactly what it will do, add to teh fact teh scream of anguish when people realize that tethering will blow through a 3GB plan in short order since you will be driving full graphics on a web page which is most cases can be huge. A single page of a graphic intensive website and run up to 6 MB, add it auto refresh for some of the features that are on the page and you are requesting that page about eery 30 seconds.

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Re: FaceTime Over Cellular Data with Mobile Share Only!

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