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FAN Discount and New Plans

FAN Discount and New Plans

Currently, I have an indivdual plan (450 nation plan) with unlimted texting and data for non-smartphones.


With this plan, I currently recieve a 20% service discount off of my monthly bill with my FAN number.


I desire a smartphone.  If i get a smartphone (and then be forced to change my non-smartphone plan into a plan that goes with smartphones) what plans can I get that will still honor my FAN number.


My 20% service discount is very important to me and I would like to keep it.


Can I get the Value Plans with no contract pricing ($25/month plus data charge) and get my 20% off service discount?  See link:





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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans



WELL.... AT&T LIED to me and that is JUST PLAIN WORNG!.  How would you like to be LIED to and found out the truth and you discount will not apply?  I don't have that kind of money to spend.  AT&T is basically ripping off people.  I STILL NEED MY DISCOUNT APPLIED TO MY 300MB BECUASE I WAS PROMISSED THAT.  AT&T DOES NOT KEEP THEIR PRMOISE AT ALL.  THIS IS ONE MISERABLE  and AWFUL COMPANY TO BE WITH!  Don't know why people are this will this DISGUSTING company?  I am stuck with AT&T because it is a 2 Year contact otherwise I will leave.  I AM NOT PAYING the ETF at all unless AT&T will wavie the ETF then that is fine and I will be switching to another company.

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Community Manager

Re: FAN Discount and New Plans

Hello @mikecintel 


I'm sorry for the issue you're experiencing with AT&T. As other users explained above, unfortunately we can't apply any discounts to the plan that doesn't qualify, I apologize you were misinformed about it. Our team can review your account and go over your options with you, we can definitely help you find the best plan for your needs. Please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans

I was told the same thing about the 300 mb plan. I'm glad I didn't switch bc I didn't believe them after reading the forums. I don't understand why they lie to people.
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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans

Hello Dmitiriy,


If you call me and review my account and tell me to get the 1GB I WILL NOT GET THE 1GB.  There is NO BEST PLAN for my needs.  The BEST PLAN for my needs is the 300MB also the unlimited talk and text WITH  MY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT.  THAT is the BEST PLAN for me. IF and that is a BIG IF you can give me back my EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT for the 300MB with unlimited talk and text the current plan I have then I can give you my name and phone number.  OTHERWISE NO TALK AT ALL.

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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans



You are lucking you didn't switch.  Otherwise you will be like what I am going through so Angry and Mad.  They lie to you becuase they are CRAZY and DING DONGS and they just want to get your MONEY $$$.  They don't there customer at all.  See what the MORANS and DINGS DONGS did to me and now I am SOOOO  ANGERY.  I guest the customer service at AT&T are TRAINNED to say that to there customer's so the employee discounts are taken away so AT&T can make MORE MONEY $$$$.  Now that I though about that.  AT&T is EVIL I TELL YOU EVIL.

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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans



Yesterday (2-5-2014) AT&T Exevutives called me because I complaint to the BBB.  The rep I was talking to said AT&T will credit my employee discount 18% discount on ONE (1) bill for the next month because I only 17 months left on contract until May 2015.  Now I am FINE with what they are doing becuase they will combine $3.60 * 17 months wich will be a total of $61.20.  After the Next bill it will be back to the regular billing which is with taxes $71.19 each month till the end of the bill.  The rep said that the employee discount does not apply to the 300MB UGH but will give the discount in one bill to make up for the 17 months I have left with AT&T.  After I switch to the NEW PLAN I should be told this then I won't have problems like I have now.


Well anyway thank goodness this is resolved and after my contract is finsihed I will be switching to a PREPAID.


What a RELIEF!


I don't like how there COPORATE MANAGEMENT are handling things and this show you that there MANAGEMENT is HORRIBLE.  

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FAN Discount and New Plans

Can someon explain to me how the new plan will work with my FAN discount of 25%


I have 2 lines and interested in the 10GB plan


10GB Plan = $100


2 Lines = $30 ($15 per line)


Now which part does the FAN discount apply. Never can get a straight answer from the reps. 

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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans

You will get 25 dollars off the 100 dollars. So it would be 75 plus 30 for both lines
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Re: FAN Discount and New Plans

Thanks. But just confusing


I just got off the phone with ATT rep.


1st rep said 25% on the entire $130

2nd rep said $0 discount since the $100 already reflects a discount..


This is just hilarious that getting different answers depending on who i speak to.

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Former Employee

Re: FAN Discount and New Plans

I am handling IRU account or accounts with FAN attached on it. The service discount is always applied on the base charge of the share value plan(For example on the 10GB share plan, it will be applied on the $100 base charge not for the whole price of the plan) PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE 300MB SHARE PLAN IS NOT QUALIFIED FOR THE SERVICE DISCOUNT. For the new value share plan it will be best if chooose the 10GB up so you can get more savings! 

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