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I originally called about my U-verse account, but while talking to Damian he asked me about my wireless phone service to which I stated you guys have never been able to compete with my carrier yet and probably cant now. To make a really long story short it ended up I purchased 2 of the samsung galaxy 3"s for 99 dollars each with 2 yr contract, which that was normal total payoff under a 2 yr contract as I knew normal purchase price under contract for 2 yrs was anywhere from free some places to $9.98 at walmart. I had read terms at walmart and knew total purchase price was 100 dollars under 2 yr contract from what I remembered. Okay now comes the deceit and lies along with the not full disclosure of terms. To Damian this was a game I guess playing with someone elses money. I explained to him in the beginning I was out of work on sickness and income was limited so if he could help me i would be willing to go under a 2yr contract which i havent done for years on any phone, internet or cable service. He told me he would have to talk to his supervisor so he could get me a special deal so he put me on hold, after that he would come back to the phone every so often to assure me he had'nt forgotten me and he was still talking to his supervisor. This dupe went on for 1 hour about. He finally came on to tell me he had worked out a fantastic plan for me. He said I got you unlimited minutes for talking, unlimited texting for 72 dollars per month. I then asked if long distance unlimited was included and if I was on vacation in Colorado calling back to my home city would that be the same as being in my home city, he stated yes it included unlimited long distance also and being in Colorado would be the same as being in my home city. So then my next question was did it include Data for my phones, he stated oh yes it included 6 GB total 3GB for each phone. Then I asked so 72 dollars per month is the total for both phones together? He stated, yes I was able to work out this great plan for you by talking to my supervisor didnt I do a great job, could I get a high five from you. I said yes you have the high five. Then he transferred me to his supervisor to give her report on Damian and I stated at the time he went above and beyond because I knew if this was as he said that I got a super deal. Little did I know at the time he was misleading and not fully disclosing the cost of the monthly bill or even the cost of the connection fees. I received the phones and AT&T took the 216.93 from my account which was total cost of phones with tax. It took me a few days to figure out how to connect my wireless account to my u-verse account but today I did and had already sold my old phones to relatives rather cheap as thought I was good. I then saw the true damages. A bill for $350.54. That was at about 4 am my time and i stayed up to talk to at&t at 7am and I was told my monthly bill was actually $219.99 and 1st bill had 36 dollar per phone plus taxes connection fee, plus some other stuff which i dont remember because by this time i was furious. The guy who took care of me done all he could to undue the damage Damian has done to me but still it is not as good or as low as my other service for me and my wife. IT was not disclosed to me that the 72 dollars was average per phone nor wasd it disclosed to me that the Data was a extra charge as they was all presented as a total package for the 72 dollars but I was not that naive as i figured that that was per phone as my old service was 70 dollars with 6 GB per phone making 12 GB available. 72 dollars per phone was not bad to get better phones but then tack on data for a total of 219.99 is not worth it. If this is normal AT&T wireless pratices then as soon as I can I will leave but for now since you have taken all my extra income I have for now I am stuck with the 2yr contract as I have no other cell phones and you have made sure I dont have the funds for them so for 2yrs I will be copying and posting this all over the internet as it is a true to fact story about my experience with AT&T, as all of the prices I wrote down as I was talking to your Rep. and asked about if it included all the items I felt I needed, which I did not recieve full disclosure about the cost of each. And my wife heard every word that was said so at least i am not in hot water for his lack of full disclosure.

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Welcome Zyglo, and thank you for the post.


I'm very sorry your plan is more expensive than you anticipated, I know how frustrating it can be. This is not a standard practice, and AT&T requires its representatives to conduct business with honesty and integrity at all times. If you can please send me as much information as you can about Damian, I will definitely do whatever I can to make sure that the problem is corrected. You can send me a private message by clicking here. Please include your name and phone number too.


If you'd like, I can have one of our managers review your account to see if there is any better options for you. Mobile Share plan with 6GB of data, unlimited minutes and text should come to $160 plus tax, but there are some cheaper plans that might work. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help.


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Apparently this is what At&t wants to be known for- false/misleading offers, and promising what you want to hear but not coming thru. I'm finishing my 20 month committment and on to a real phone service. Sad part is I've had them for 5 years and it's only recently that they push their employees to falsify everything. Good bye At&t.
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