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Extremely unreliable GoPhone network


Extremely unreliable GoPhone network

I have had AT&T prepaid service for almost 3 years now. And the past year has been the worst I've ever expierenced. I don't believe it's the device as I had two different devices with the same unreliable coverage. For hours sometimes 4-6 hours I will not have service, but without moving the phone's location, it will then have half to full amount of bars. And it's not a localized issue in one area. It's a problem no matter where I am in the city of Moline, IL. I could be at work and have a strong signal, and then like a light swtich, not have signal for hours upon hours. It makes me upset as I use my phone quite a bit for helping fellow classmates and I have a dropped signal for hours.


Anybody else have extremely unreliable AT&T gophone service? I want to change to Verizon if this keeps up, but I don't want to lose my number as well.

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Re: Extremely unreliable GoPhone network

Well the location maybe an issue. I am in Dallas area, I normally never have full bars, hardly 30% to 40% all the time, but i hardly have any call drop or texts not going through issues. 

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Re: Extremely unreliable GoPhone network

It's literally hours with no service, then all of a sudden I have three bars. Today alone, I've been without service from 7am to 10am. And from 4pm to present. AT&T has been the worst.
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Re: Extremely unreliable GoPhone network

If I were you, I would check with other AT&T customers in your area (if there are any that you know of) and ask them how their service is. If it's somewhat good, then I would suggest getting a new SIM card.

It's also perfectly possible that AT&T may just have very poor coverage in your area.

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