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Excessive data usage


Excessive data usage

So if I do pretty much nothing on my smart phone for a day I get billed for 300mb of data. 300mb is like a month of browsing. Anyone know what's wrong with my phone? Obviously going for have to switch carrier if this can't be fixed because I'd like to be able to use the data that my plan pays for

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Re: Excessive data usage

Next billing period and 7 hours in it has used 3gb of data. Gigabytes 

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Re: Excessive data usage

I've had the same problem, but I have 3 Gigs a month.  I had a problem a couple of months ago.  I saved up my data and then tried to use it for some podcasts close to my billing period end date.  I had over 2 Gigs left and 15 minutes into a podcast, I get a usage alert - telling me I'm close to my max.  I couldn't fathom how that could have been, but sucked it up.


This month, I got a bogus text message that told me I had used 90% of my data 15 days into my billing period and that if I went over, I'd be charged $10 for the next GB.  I turned the phone data feature off on my phone.  Yesterday, I asked for a text message usage report to check back on things and it said I had only used 500 MB of 3040. 


Don't waste your time to call Customer No Service - save yourself the frustration. You'll start out with someone who puts you on hold for long periods of time after every question you ask.  They are obviously trying to search a data base for the answers. After approx. 45 minutes on the phone, I was abruptly transferred to someone else.  This person had a bad attitude. 


I'm seriously going to look for a different carrier when my contract is up.  The bogus data usage report proves that their data reporting has some glitches. I'd love to use some app to monitor my own data usage on my Windows phone, but I understand that ATT doesn't allow it.  The My ATT App gives different feedback from the ATT full Website.  The ATT website has a note that says data usage reporting can be 2-5 days late, but someone in Customer Service told me it was immediate (but I've usually got bogus answers/different answers from most phone customer service.)



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Re: Excessive data usage

It is amazing how deceptive they are . I will get ghost calls that bleed minutes from my plan and they claim they are voicemail calls but then claim they don't charge for voicemail calls .
But if they are deducted from my plan minutes then I get charged if I go over minutes. ..
Then data .. They are liars
They throttle you for usage . Them why is it called unlimited ?
Use your device next to another device using the same carrier who isn't throttled and see the difference

It takes so long to check my email it's ridiculous
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Re: Excessive data usage

Bingo Unhappyme, same thing is happening to be, have my data turned off and 4 days into my new billing cycle I already have 50MB of data used. How is this possible and how can I stop this, I use very little data a month thats why I have a 200MB plan.  Was on the phone for a hour with CS and it really was a waist of time, I'm pretty close to the end of my contract and after 20 some years with ATT I'm thinking its time for a change.
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Re: Excessive data usage

Hello everyone,


I'm sorry you're having some issues with your devices. One thing to keep in mind is that data is not processed and billed in real time, first your phone collects any usage information for a period of time and then it sends it to the network for billing during off hours, usually it happens every few hours, but can take up to 3 days. I would start by checking for recent and running apps on your phone, many can run in the background and if not closed out completely, will continue to access and use data. The best thing to do to clear any temporary files or running apps from your memory is to reset the phone once in a while.




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Re: Excessive data usage

I have a two year long thread on this EXACT problem. I just updated it with my 23rd month of data usage. It's titled "120X more data....." Please read it. It explains a lot.

Like others said. Call ATT and let them know u are not happy. I don't think there's a need to switch carriers. As soon as you call them on this data usage it probably won't happen again. It never happened again after I called them. . And I never changed my data habits and a few months later I started leaving cellular on 24/7/365. Gee, how ironic.

However just to be sure. Make sure data roaming is off. Keep cellular off unless u need it and until u learn your data usage habits. Keep a log of your data usage every month. (I kept mine in a note for east access).

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Re: Excessive data usage

I called tech support a few times all of them were clueless. The problem persists. Living my life with the network connections turned off is ridiculous after so many years with no problems at all. It's like they lie about the amount of data that the plan lets you use
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Re: Excessive data usage

AT&T blames the device, and says it is not their service. Well - I think I have proof of the opposite. One of my sons got a new iPhone (6), and we immediately starting going over our 10GB, with him using 90% of it, even though his patterns didn't change. We called AT&T and were advised the ususal - turn off the data network unless you are using it (suddenly this smart phone didn't seem so smart). We did that, and viola - it stopped consuming so much data - BUT, now my other sons phone is the data hog; he's had this phone for a couple of years and has not changed his habits. Seems like a little profiteering on AT&T's part is the issue.


My call to customer service didn't help - the smart {edited for word filter evasion}girl said the problem was the phone - not AT&T's, and they would not refund the overages. Verizon had this problem as well in the past, but manned up and took care of the overages AND fixed the problem. Time to look for a new carrier after 20 years with this one - seems they don't care - just want to maximize charges and revenue. They can do that on someone else's dime!

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Re: Excessive data usage

I just posted about this problem before I saw your post. My daughter went from a 4s to a 5s and since then it's been a nightmare with the data overages averaging 3 times a month. AT&T just kept telling me to monitor her usage, settings, etc. All that has been done to no avail. She has never gone over data before and I believe her when she tells me nothing has changed in her data usage. I'm griped about the whole thing. Have you found any solutions?

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Re: Excessive data usage

I now have her turning off the data usage when she's on wi-fi and other times she's not using it but I don't think she should have to do that and it's not really addressing the problem.

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Re: Excessive data usage

Does the phone indicate it is using the same amount of data as AT&T?
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