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Email to Text Phone Numbers


Email to Text Phone Numbers

Is there a list of the SMS numbers that AT&T uses to send text messages generated through the “” email address?


When I receive these text messages to my phone, they have a number followed by prefix to identify the message. Eg. 1 (210) 100 -063, 1 (210) 100 -064.


I am looking to gather a list of all of the SMS numbers (the 1 (210) 100 portion). I have alerts sent to my phone for one of our software products at work. We can receive a number of alerts throughout the day. It would be easier if I group these numbers under one contact. Since they are received as a new number each time, they appear in my phone as a new message which makes them difficult to manage.

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Re: Email to Text Phone Numbers

 I solved my own issue. I didn't know that if you used "" it would send it with the recipients email address and not the AT&T number. What a relief!

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Re: Email to Text Phone Numbers

Did the application make this change to  I support an application that is causing the same issue as you mentioned in your initial post.  Our customers are complaining they can't set a specific alert due to the changing numbers.  Thanks

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