Easy access to voice mail?


Easy access to voice mail?


I miss the easy access to voice mail that was available on previous BlackBerries.


What is the easiest way to navigate to checking voice mail on the Q10?




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Re: Easy access to voice mail?

The only way I can think of is to dial your cell phone number from the phone itself and it will let you check voice mail that way.  You can also call your number from a land line, wait for the phone to go to voice mail, press the * sign and type in your password.

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Re: Easy access to voice mail?

No, it can be done with the Q10 directly.

At the phone screen, pull down the bar at the top and tap the phone symbol.

I'm hoping for an easier way, though. It is hard to imagine the developers didn't retain easy access to voice mail.

. . . . . . Pete
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Re: Easy access to voice mail?

They didn't -- you will get a notification in the hub -- and you navigate to the phone app and go to the VVM tab


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Re: Easy access to voice mail?

Do you have access to Visual Voice Mail? Very easy.

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