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I am looking to simplify my life and want to downgrade my phone and lower my bill. However, we have 2 other smartphones on the plan. My question is: is it possible to only downgrade ONE of them on a family shared plan? Will it even be worth it or would we all have to downgrade in order for it to make a difference in the bill?

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Re: Downgrading...HELP!

You can switch to a basic phone on your line only and drop the data plan for your line, if you are not on the Mobile Share plan.  If you are on the Mobile Share plan, switching to a basic phone will drop your device fee to $30/month.  The savings here will depend on what your current device fee is for the Mobile Share plan.


You would have to pay full price for the basic phone if you are not eligible for an upgrade, or you can get a cheap GoPhone and put it on your line.

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