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Does the GoPhone have the SAME coverage as Contract customers? Roaming?


Does the GoPhone have the SAME coverage as Contract customers? Roaming?

Does it? Does the GoPhone offer free roaming withi the U.S? Does the gophone prepaid have the EXACT same coverage and network in the U.S as would a 2-year post paid contract plan have? Years ago, AT&T did NOT allow their prepaid phones to roam, period. This was the advantage of having a contract, because you had a much larger network if you ever traveled and there where no AT&T towers in the area. But now from what I read this has changed, as on the coverage maps the GoPhone now allows roaming and has the exact same coverage as a contract plan does!!! Really?


Is this really true? Can the GoPhone "pick your monthly plan" actually roam for free within the U.S? If so, why would anyone choose to sign a 2 year contract if they get the EXACT same coverage on prepaid, and prepaid is literally HALF cost for the SAME 2G of data?? I don't get it? Am I missing something?

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Re: Does the GoPhone have the SAME coverage as Contract customers? Roaming?

Prepaid has same coverage but weaker signals , slower data speeds compared to postpaid. Postpaid is first priority. You would get drop calls in an area where a postpaid would not. And yes gophone does roam free in us
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Re: Does the GoPhone have the SAME coverage as Contract customers? Roaming?

I can confirm that roaming is possible on prepaid GoPhone service. This past August I was traveling from the Mackinac Bridge into Ontario, Canada and my phone went from displaying 'AT&T' to 'ROGERS.' Needless to say, roaming fees were very expensive and fortunately I did not have much money remaining in my account. I still put the phone in airplane mode during the remainder of the trip, just in case.

I often wonder how comparable AT&T's prepaid service coverage is compared to postpaid service. Usually, Verizon's postpaid service has on average 1-2 bars more than my prepaid GoPhone at any given time. These comparisons are accurate because the phones were the exact same make and model surveyed at the same time in the same spot.

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Re: Does the GoPhone have the SAME coverage as Contract customers? Roaming?

Thanks for the replies. If your phone was able to roam onto another network while traveling, then it seems there is zero advantage coverage wise between the two. I always assumed the contract postpaid had a "larger network" because they allowed you to roam onto more partners than prepaid did. But I'm guessing this is no longer the case.


As for the "pre-paid has slower data" is that really true? Is pre-paid 4G LTE speeds really slower than 4G LTE speeds on a post-paid contract?? Like for example, if I had an iPhone 5 on AT&T post-paid contract side by side vs an iPhone 5 on AT&T prepaid, and ran a "Speed Test" side by side, are you saying that the prepaid 4G LTE speeds will be slower?? I never heard of that before, and their website doesn't say anything about prepaid having slower data speeds. Does anyone know for certain what the exact differences is coverage wise/network wise/roaming wise between post-paid contract customers VS pre-paid customers? Like any official sources that list any differences?



As for prepaid phones getting a "weaker signal" and "less priority" are you sure that's true? I have a prepaid AT&T gophone right here, side by side next to my AT&T contract post-paid phone. And the results are actually opposite:

  1. My AT&T pre-paid phone has 4 bars. It is constantly at 4 bars, not changing. It may drop down to 3 bars every once in a while or if moving, but if left on the table it remains at 4 bars constantly. Tested its voice call quality, and during a 5 minute test it had 100% quality, sounded great, ZERO noticable static or any interferrence and zero cutting in and out of service!!!!!
  2. My AT&T contract post-paid phone has 1 bar, but is constantly changing between 1 bar to 4 bars, even when sitting completely still on a table. Signal goes from great to terrible. Unreliable signal. Tried to test it's voice calls, and during a 5 minute test call the signal nearly dropped, and there where 5 to 10 second "cut outs" where you couldn't hear anything. It was nearly a dropped call, and I'm sure if I would have tried to stay on longer than 5 minutes it would have dropped the call....


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Re: Does the GoPhone have the SAME coverage as Contract customers? Roaming?

Wow then your prepaid acct is lucky. But its not the case most of the time. Because if it was, everybody would be using prepaid with the high prices of a contract plan. I would say the lte speeds are the same but for example during peak hours when theres a congestion, postpaid accts would have priority of the network
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