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Does Family Map work with HTC phones?


Does Family Map work with HTC phones?

We just switched my daughter's phone from a samsung smartphone to the new HTC phone. Ever since the switch, I've been unable to locate her on family map. It tell's me her phone may be out of service area of turned off. During this last test, I was texting her while I checked for location. Same results in that she can't be located. Is there something special that needs to be done for the HTC phone?

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Re: Does Family Map work with HTC phones?

It's probably the 4G LTE. You can call ATT and turn off the LTE, and you'll be able to locate it again.
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Re: Does Family Map work with HTC phones?

Yes it does. I had an HTC phone and it worked fine.

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Re: Does Family Map work with HTC phones?

  Just got off the phone with tech support.  I upgraded a phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 and can no longer locate that phone/number.  No real answer unfortunately.  They claim it has nothing to do with LTE.  Maybe something to do with a SIM card not being transferred just replaced or some other mumbo jumbo.

   In other words - no answer.  I could go through a trouble ticket but that would alert my child that I was tracking the phone and while he knows the service is available I really don't want the subject brought to his attention so did not go that route.

  It seems to be a problem cropping up more and more and I don't understand why something isn't being done about it.  I even tried removing the phone from the service and the adding it back so that should have solved the SIM card problem but it didn't.  I have an HTC One that I can locate but sometimes it is only within a 2 or 3 mile radius, not the yards or feet I could get with the previous phone with that number.   Come on AT&T, we pay for a service you no longer provide and won't admit or fix it.  Not fair.

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