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Does AT&T care about it rural area customers?


Does AT&T care about it rural area customers?

I ask this question because, I saw one poster post about no service being in Williamson, WV (The thread is nearly 2 years old with all 3 of us being from Pikeville with no answers from a AT&T Rep). I have replied to that thread and I have been a customer with AT&T off and on about 10 years. I had to go with Appalachian Wireless for a couple of years because of where I work in the Belfry, Ky and Williamson, WV. area AT&T has zero to little service. After paying their crazy prices and finally got out of my 2 year agreement. I went back to AT&T with their $50 umlimted plan for GO phones. With that said I see that Verizion is making a push in these non AT&T coverage areas and once it hits Pikeville, Ky which is 20 mins from my work and an having 4G LTE in these areas already and soon to be Pikeville. Which Applachian Wireless build the LTE systems.What is really sad is AT&T will lose alot of customers based on not putting no towers around their the areas beside Pikeville (Belfry, Williamson, Shelby Valley,) just to name a few. An somthing else I was shocked that I had service in Wise, Va. In the past there was ZERO coverage in Wise, Va until you got to Norton. Is it where Applachian Wireless has a monopoly on the area? or AT&T just too sorry to put up towers? What is the problem? Another point before I end this. I was on Applachian Wireless facebook page. An you have people crying out for AT&T to put towers up so, they can switch back from AW crazy rates that are raping people here in Eastern, Ky. I hope somebody from AT&T see this. You have some very loyal customers here in Eastern, Ky. We are crying out for better service all around not just in Pikeville and Prestonsburg.


Thank you,


John {Personal content removed for your safety}

Pikeville, Ky

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Re: Does AT&T care about it rural area customers?

Wow....54 views and no replies. I guess AT&T could care less about their rural area customers. Smiley Sad

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Re: Does AT&T care about it rural area customers?



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Re: Does AT&T care about it rural area customers?

Hey John,

I am from WV and know what you're talking about. I have a friend that had AT&T and switched to Verizon in that area because of that. Even though I think when he travels to Pikeville his service isn't great. AT&T should definitely put up new towers. Try downloading the "mark the spot" app and reporting no coverage and encourage others to do it as well.

Wise, Va market was a market that was divested by Verizon which was a prior Alltel coverage area. It was bought by AT&T when Verizon sold it.
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Re: Does AT&T care about it rural area customers?

I was shocked when I got over Pound Mountain into Wise that I got 5 bars of service. Since I went back to AT&T they was no service in Wise, Va. I live in Pikeville and work in Belfry/Williamson area and it very spotty. Appalachian Wireless has a locked down on the area and is rapping people with their outrageous rates.
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