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Do I need to cancel my GoPhone?


Do I need to cancel my GoPhone?

I purchased a $60 GoPhone SIM when I was visiting the USA recently - I only wanted to use it for 3 weeks while in the country.


The paperwork that I've got when I signed up isn't clear if I'm going to be charged automatically each month for this.  


I've tried to log into the mygophone site to check my account, but I can't get in as it wants me to reset my password, and the only way to do that is to be inside the USA to recieve the text message that it has sent to the phone.  


The AT&T website has no way to ask a question if you aren't inside the USA.  


Can anyone tell me if I should be worried about an automatic monthly charge for this service, or do they normally just stop working if you don't add more money manually?




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Re: Do I need to cancel my GoPhone?

It depends if you still have money in your account to pay for your plan, If not it would not renew for your next month use.
Your account balance has an expiration date, it depends on the amount you added to your account, I presume you added $60 because you were on the $60 plan. The $60 amount is good for 90 days, After that if you do not add money to your account, It would start a 60 day grace period and then your acccount will be inactive.

If you did'nt leave any money in your account and if you dont care if you'll lose your number. Then you're just fine, your account would just die out 5 months since you used it. No additional charges
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Re: Do I need to cancel my GoPhone?

Thanks, so I'll just do nothing then! 



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Re: Do I need to cancel my GoPhone?

Hi, yargyargyarg!


Just to clarify, did you sign up for the auto-refill option? If you did, you'll find that the funds will be automatically charged each month. In order to cancel this, you would have to contact our customer care department.


Otherwise, your account will expire on its own, and you'll lose that number, as the previous poster explained.


If you want to make absolutely sure that you aren't enrolled in auto-refill, simply click here to send us a message. Please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. If you still have your GoPhone number, that would be helpful, too!


Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!



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