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Do I have to end the contract?


Do I have to end the contract?

Yesterday any AT&T phone in our house stopped working, receiving "No Service." I spent about two hours on the phone with a couple of very helpful (read, polite) technical support reps, and although they couldn't see anything wrong in the nearby towers or in Florida, one of the reps did say there had been an uptick in complaints from our area. His computer kept freezing, so he said he would text our case number as soon as possible.


When the phone left the area in the morning we received the text with the case number and the good news that the problem had been solved, case closed.


We couldn't call from the phone to disagree with that "good news" because, of course, we have "No Service" unless we leave the house. But we did call the phone number supplied from a working phone and went through all the steps to speak with someone, only to be told that "due to circumstances out of our control" we would not be able to speak with a representative and should try again later.

We're trying to run a business. We'd like some assistance with resolving this problem. Barring that, what are the rules about leaving a contract when the service provider isn't providing service? -- Please respond

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Re: Do I have to end the contract?

This may sound like a stupid question but have you turned off then turned the phone back on? The reason i ask is during the pebble beach proam one of the cell towers had an issue, after the issue was resolved i was still unable to make or receive any calls even though everything said i was connected and had full bars on LTE. I turned mine off then on and it started working perfect.

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Re: Do I have to end the contract?

Not a silly question. We've rebooted the phone many times. And like I say, when the phone leaves the area (where it used to work), it works fine. We've rebooted. We've unloaded and reloaded the SIM card. We've crossed our fingers while the phone was powering back up. Nothing.

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Re: Do I have to end the contract?

And after going into the ATT store and having them (uselessly) swap out the SIM card and being proud of themselves because the phone worked (in the store, two miles away from where we don't get the service we used to enjoy), we're closing the account.

No one has time for this nonsense these days.

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