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Dissatisfied with coverage and customer service disconnections!!!


Dissatisfied with coverage and customer service disconnections!!!

I have 3 types of coverage at home: none, very little, or minimally spotty! I get disconnected from customer service constantly.  I bought a MicroCell but At&t wouldn't activate it untless I bought a contract vs. my prepaid plan!!! No one in the store told me I would be blocked from using it.  Finally, one store rep. told me that prepaid plan members don't have access to all the towers that contract customers do.  I have no more money for a contract on top of a $200 booster. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't buying a phone and a montly service enough?  How greedy can a company get?

I thought giving a customer service rep. my landline number was the answer to getting disconnected.  So far only one bothered to call me back like promised (Joanne - bless her!).  The others switch me to someone else and as I wait- bam the disconnection happens or in mid-sentence with someone.  What a waste of time.


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Re: Dissatisfied with coverage and customer service disconnections!!!

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. If problems are persisting, send us a private message here with your account number, full name, contact information and the best time you can be reached. One of our awesome managers will contact you to assist. 

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Re: Dissatisfied with coverage and customer service disconnections!!!

They are required to inform you of the Microcells requirements. If they did not, tell them on the phone. They should have told you before you went out to buy it that you are required to be on a service plan (not prepaid). Im sorry this happened to you, hopefully when they call you, allow them to troubleshoot, but make sure you are on a landline so you don't disconnect or be in another area you get coverage.

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