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Disgraceful Service


Disgraceful Service

I had recharged my account on 20th of january with $27 and at&t cut off my service on the same day. It took a week to realise that I had no signal on my mobile as i dont very much use my mobile for the reason being that I am not a chatter type of person. Then i rang customer service and  told i could not connnect and they said my account was cancelled. My question was why in the world would you cancel my account without my permission? I didn't even initiate the cancellation process. I was mad and asked for refund. I was told i wont get my money back. That was like a double surprise. IT IS LIKE YOU GO AND HIT A PERSON TO DEATH AND SAY YOU WONT COVER THE MEDICAL EXPENSES THAT YOU ARE LIABLE TO COVER. It was their fault and say computer glitches or technical mistakes; anyone can easily make up that kind of mistakes. Then i get to talk to the supervisor who i presume, is speaking to me in a different name and goes about explaining me his corporate policies; I say it's not my mistake.

He even tries to cash in more by making me spend more by buying up a new sim card; as if he's pouring his sympathy on me. Finally when he's tried every single trick to trickle down my pocket, he goes i'll send you sim by post and you'll get in 3 business days. I take his word and wait patiently.



I rang customer service today and complained that i didnt get the new sim card and they tell i have to pay $25 plus the postal charge. Why wasnt I informed in the first place? Also when i said i want to talk to the supervisor, I was put on hold for about 1 hour. I have also worked as a customer service attendant for 5 long years and had never seen such awfully pathetic callous and horrible indifferent customer service in my whole life. I would rate below zero for such a service. I tried refunding but they didnt refund either. Isnt there a provision that I being a customer have my right  to refund my unused balance when i want to provided my service provider is fault or i dislike their service? Australia and other European nations have this facility. Why not here in the US??

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Re: Disgraceful Service



Sorry that you faced this issue, I know how it feels and I'm totally on your side. Your are entitled to get your money back or get your service back. I recommend you send AT&T a private message by Clicking Here so they can help you out further, and find the best solution.


Good Luck!

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Re: Disgraceful Service

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