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Disappointed... Unlock phone for International Travel


Disappointed... Unlock phone for International Travel

I will be travelling internationally, so I called up AT&T International Support and they shared some voice & data plans for international travel and they are very very pricy - I obviously do not want to spend thousands of dollars in just connecting so thought it may be better to just get temp. connection at destination and use that, BUT, phone... that's locked by AT&T. Now, I have been using their service for last 1.5 years but they wouldn't unlock my phone, i.e. I will not be able to connect internationally until and unless I go with AT&T roaming services or buy another cellphone. So, both are pricy options.


I also tried, if they don't want to unlock iPhone, unlock another phone (non iPhone) I have with them, but they wouldn't do that as well.


It's just not a good way to treat existing customers and their needs.


Any suggestions from anyone?

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Re: Disappointed... Unlock phone for International Travel

I have not idea what the qualification criteria is but the corporate account I'm on has multiple thousands of lines so it's fairly large.
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