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Disable attwifi auto connect


Disable attwifi auto connect

I wanted to disable attwifi auto connecting but there is no option to do it. I consider it unsafe that phone will connect to open WiFi just because it is same name as att WiFi.

Then I tried to add attwifi to my network list and because it already exist it asked me if I want to delete, so I said yes and now it seems I do not auto connect to attwifi network. I would like some one else to check if this truly works.
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Re: Disable attwifi auto connect

Hello there SEREGA784.  Do you have AT&T Smart Wi-Fi?


Here is an article that may assist you.  There are several links at the end of the article that should offer some help "if" you have this application.  If not, please let me know so I can research further for you! 


About the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi application




Rethink Possible

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Re: Disable attwifi auto connect

I have this problem too.  ATT Smart Wifi is incompatible with my device, HTC Vivid.  Where do I go from here.

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Re: Disable attwifi auto connect

This did not work for me.  Delete is not an option on the Add, or anywhere else. I also feel this is an extreme security risk to my identity and my finanical well-being.  ATT has implemented this "feature" for my convenience, a little sarcasim, but in reality the motivation is self interest.

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