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Difference between prepaid monthly plan and Go Phone?


Difference between prepaid monthly plan and Go Phone?

I just signed up for a prepaid $40 plan with an unlocked iPhone 4 where I get 500 minutes of talk, unlimited texts, & 200 MB of data.  My goal is to set this up to renew automatically using my credit card every month.  But the site keeps referring to a dollar amount to refill, rather than a monthly fee which I pay to renew the existing plan each month.  Is there actually a difference between Go Phone and this monthly prepaid plan?




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Re: Difference between prepaid monthly plan and Go Phone?

In a way I guess that the plans are "different". Some plans operate on a 30 day monthly basis while others are completely pay per use. The plans both operate on the same service (prepaid GoPhone), so they really are not very different from each other at all.

As far as your auto renewal issue goes, are you able to enter $40 in the dollar amount the site is asking for?

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Re: Difference between prepaid monthly plan and Go Phone?

Thanks for your reply.  As I read more, and noting that this is an iPhone plan, so it has both a data and a voice component, it seems like although the voice portion lasts for 30 days and can be renewed for subsequent 30 day periods, the data compoent is seperate and ony needs to be renewed when you use the data up.  I could be misunderstanding this, but even ATT's website says they don't recommend setting a iPhone Go Phone plan for autorenewal for this reason.  I wish it were just a plan with stated voice and data amounts that you can renew monthly automatically, but I guess it won't be that simple.


In the end, I think I'll just keep enough money in the account so the voice part of the plan can renew after 30 days.


The critical issue for me, since I'm going to porting a business number into this Go Phone, is that I don't lose this business number.  If you have any other suggestions to make sure the number stays safe, I'd appreciate it.




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