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Des Moines, IA area?


Des Moines, IA area?

Alright, here goes the thread - I am really surprised that AT&T is trying to woo customers in the NY area while there is so much to be done in the other metros.  I stay in the western suburb of Des Moines and there is 3G there but only in some areas and I work in the eastern suburb (Ankeny, IA - coverage maps are not accurate here) of Des Moines and forget 3G, even Edge has performance issues.  Not that I am too far from 3G coverage but there are too many dropped calls and data failures that it is a pain to use phone.  The phone is totally useless piece of instrument in the building.  Yeah, yeah indoor does not work would be the standard answer (pretty well taught CSRs) but even by the window there are issues on the top floor which is ridiculous.  All the other networks works like a charm.  Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and TMobile works flawless.  What is wrong AT&T?  


I called up CSR and was told that if I have room for a tower in the neighborhood I can contact some address in NY/NJ area and they will put me in the list.  Wow, is this the best answer one can provide?  


We pay for the data and then hardly get to use it since "IT DOES NOT WORK"?  This is unreal.  


I seriously think I would have opted out of AT&T if it was not because of the iPhone.  Again, just venting my frustration...


Any other people on the west side of Ankeny feel the pain?  Does even someone from AT&T look at this thread?

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Re: Des Moines, IA area?

I definitely feel your pain.  I am fortunate to live in West Des Moines and have 3G coverage for a majority of places I go.  However the really disappointing part is the indoor coverage aspect.  When I go into my office I lose all coverage.  So for eight hours of my day I have nothing.  I have complained a few times, and I even received a text message stating they would be putting up a new tower in my area soon.  The sad part is I left US Cellular to come to AT&T for the iPhone.  With USCC I had coverage in my building with no issues.  I talked to AT&T and they said there was nothing they could do.  I'm very disappointed with them, and if Verizon get's the iPhone soon I will be transferring to them.

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Re: Des Moines, IA area?

When will they bring 4G LTE in Des Moines, ia iowa?
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Re: Des Moines, IA area?

I was at the Valley football game last night, and to my pleasant surprise, my ATT iphone had an LTE signal.  I guess ATT turned on LTE for Des Moines / West Des Moines sometime in the past few days.  I was able to get download speeds of 10MB.   It's about time...

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