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Denver, dropped calls, no service, poor customer service, early termination fee extortion

Denver, dropped calls, no service, poor customer service, early termination fee extortion

Recently I moved to Denver and have an iPhone 4.  Since moving here I have received horrible service and tried to resolve the issues but had to ultimately change over to Verizon and it was the best decision I could have made.  Since switching I have not had one dropped call and excellent reception all over Denver.  Before switching providers I could not make or receive calls at my residence and had to drive a few blocks away to make calls or not have calls dropped.  All I wanted was to be able to use the phone service I was paying $90 a month for, but that seems to be unreasonable to att.  I contacted  ATT in every way possible, had multiple calls drop while speaking with representatives, and was given the run around by everyone.  It was pretty impressive when the representative was describing to me how great the service was in my area and how many towers they have that not only did the call drop but her attempt to call me back went straight to voice-mail because there was no service.  Apparently aaa believes if their service does not work it is your fault and not theirs.  They also make the process of getting out of your contract because their service does not work nearly impossible and will extort a large fee.  Following att's step to resolving the problem would have taken over a week, require me to do their work, and possibly not solve the problem.  This is unacceptable and I want att to make this right for me.  I was charged with a fee of around $230 to cancel the contract.  My intentions are to inform people of the poor business practices of att.  The loss of business for att due to the negative publicity and truth about shady policies, reception, and service in Denver will cost att 100x more than the $230 they extorted from me.  If you have been pushed around by att let people know and make sure as many people do not use their service as possible. 

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Re: Denver, dropped calls, no service, poor customer service, early termination fee extortion

Honestly you can't fault AT&T for not having good coverage everywhere you go, done areas are better than others.the early termination fee is valid and won't be waived. Every carrier would have done exactly the same, the ETF and contract do not guarantee service its only to get a discounted phone, you don't have top get a contract, simply pay full price

This is the nature of cell technology, it is also a luxury,a landline is always a nice backup
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Re: Denver, dropped calls, no service, poor customer service, early termination fee extortion

I agree with the other posters. ATT is worthless. Dropped calls, garbled calls, not just in one place but within my usual working area of around 15 sq. miles. Often I have to call my voice mail 6 or 7 times to get through. It dials, then bleeps and hangs up. Then when I get through, it's so garbled I can't understand it, and then it cuts off mid message. By calling from a land line in to my cell, I can get my messages - so it's not that the sender sends something garbled. This lack of decent service costs me real dollars in lost business. But will ATT cough up even a penny to solve the problem? No.


Calling for service is a joke. They play around pretending to test lines, and then after a day of mickey mouse tactics, the obtuse lady agent said "you could probably solve the problem by going to Radio Shack and buying a booster." WHAT???? It's ATT's job to give me good service - that's what they get my $1500 a year for!!! Absolutely non-existent customer service and crappy reception. I can't wait until my contract runs out to get rid of their sorry selves.


DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ATT mobile phones for any reason whatsoever. They are worse than worthless - they add stress and frustration and disgust to your daily life, and magnify the often talked about problem with American business today . . . they could care less about the customer.

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