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Data not working for new gophone


Data not working for new gophone

  I am getting frustrated. I just bought a new go phone Alcatel 871A along with a $50 unlimited service plan. I cannot connect to the Internet. The 3G little icon doesn't show up but the data is set to ON in the settings. I was checking my balance and it says I have $0 but I can still call and text. Just no data. I am going around in circles on the at&t site. I go to live chat with technical support and when I log in I am redirected to the go phone profile page. I paid for unlimited talk, text and data. If I don't have data then I am just wasting money. I was with straight talk and the smart phones just kept breaking so I switched to AT&T. What else can I do? 

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Re: Data not working for new gophone

most likely you are on the $50 smartphone plan. It doesn't allow data except on wifi. Maybe you want the $50 basic phone plan which allows data at Edge speeds.

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