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Data Overage and Billing Issues


Data Overage and Billing Issues

I think it is unfortunate that we are posting here, to others who feel wronged by ATT, AFTER we have been mis-treated as customers.  I will be also posting in other locations to prevent those who are considering becoming ATT customers.


I never received an effective phone call from ATT.  I have been told that they cannot make outgoing calls!  ATT is a communications company that cannot make outgoing calls?


In one instance, I was speaking to a rep about an over-charge, and she agreed to credit my account the overcharged amount, but while we were talking, the call was dropped.  She was solving my problem, but the call was dropped.  She knew who she was talking to, but did not call me back.  So, I followed up with an "online chat" giving an account of the conversation, including the reps name and times.  The response was that they would not honor that conversation, but would credit all but $30.  (Like being a little pregnant...  we are wrong, but still going to make you pay a little.)


This made little sense to me, so after several additional conversations and surveys with follow-up (they can call you to follow up on a survey response... but not to solve your service/billing problem.  Go figure...) my phone was disconnected over the $30 while I was on a road trip.  Phone completely disabled while the $30 was being disputed, despite my regular on-time payments of $100+ per month for years.


Once while speaking to a tech rep regarding installing a router, he could not speak deal with my issue from the cell phone... only the home line.  Of course, the router was away from the home line, and there is no way to reconnect with the same tech rep, so had to disconnect and call again, restart the entire process, from the home line.


How can a communications company have so many barriers between cellular accounts, and home DSL accounts?


Not only am I being forced to leave ATT with my cellular account (I really have no choice actually, ATT disabled the account which provided $110+ per month in fees over a $30 disputed amount) but I will also be discontinuing my DSL service out of spite for ATT.


The sad thing is that I was essentially satisfied with the cellular and DSL service.  I rarely even looked at my bill and would have remained on remote control... using the service and not really paying attention.  Once I started paying attention, then the problem began... and customer service blows it.  I am forced away, so now am spending more time exposing ATT's bad faith than I ever did praising them.  And I praised them plenty, and personally went with friends to help sign them up for ATT service.


No mas... I'm leaving.

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Re: Data Overage and Billing Issues

ATTDmitriyCM moved this from another thread, so some comments may seem slightly disjointed because I was writing in response/agreement to other comments.  That's fine.


The original post claimed they had been charged for data and did not intend to be using data at all.  Both the OP and I never intended to use roaming data, but apparently settings were changed unknowingly, or inadvertantly for some reason.  ATT actually credited a portion of the charges for me, but kept a small portion on the bill.


The insult to injury is that even though I inquired if my account would experience any problems while on a week-long trip and was told 'no,' my service was discontinued while away from home, while my complaint was pending.


ATT is entitled to stick to their policy and demand payment.  Even though I feel it unreasonable under my personal history with ATT, and illogical to credit some, but not all of the disputed amount.  That works for someone under contract with no options, but I have options, and am exercising them to leave ATT.  I actually expected ATT to make a "business" decision to yield to me, even if they disagreed with my position.  But since they did not, I will pay (have paid) the demanded $30, and cancelling my monthly $110 contract.  


That $110 is strictly for set contract fees, since I never use my allocation of minutes or data.  Well... except for the past month's disputed data use.  My bill from my new service provider will cost me $70 per month, with unlimited data and texting, and 2x minutes, and NO CONTRACT.  I will probably incur some additional charges with the new provider which were included in my ATT plan, and when that happens, I have $30 - $40 per month to cover them.  So for me, ATT bringing all of this to a head will actually save me money.


I have already converted one additional ATT customer immediately, and one as soon as he is out of contract.  When my phone goes dead, people ask why, and I am only too happy to explain to them what happened.  Easy sell.


Also, if I decide ATT ever has a plan to my liking sometime in the future, I can always take advantage of it... but not until after I have paid someone else about $1,400 per year.  But they got my $30....


ATT invests great sums of money for infrastructure, and I believe it works.  But at the first hint of a customer service resolution, they could not perform and made a "penny wise, pound foolish" decision.


It seems that the only purpose for these forums is to allow us to vent.  Thanks....

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Re: Data Overage and Billing Issues

Hello KenBell, welcome to the forum and thank you for your posts.


I apologize for the issue you've experienced, and I'm very sorry to see you go. If there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to send us a private message by clicking here: ATTCustomerCare. Our social media managers are not regular customer service, and if you'd like to talk to someone, they'll be happy to assist.


I can at least try to explain why you were credited the overage, minus $30. If someone has an overage of international data (or minutes, or text), AT&T will adjust to the amount covered by the closest international roaming plan. Pay Per Use cost of international data is $0.0195 per KB, or $19.50 per MB. For example, if you used 10MB of international data without any plan, you'll be billed $195 (or 50MB will be almost a thousand dollars!), while the cheapest international plan is $30 for 120MB. As long as your overage is within 120MB, AT&T will credit the whole amount minus the cost of the appropriate plan that would have covered the usage if it was provisioned. Sort of a overage forgiveness offer. I understand your usage was a mistake, however, whatever international carrier you've been using during that time billed AT&T for the usage. AT&T works with its customers in a way that they can cover the bill from a partner carrier and the customer doesn't have to pay a huge overage charge.


I hope this helps you understand.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks again,







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Re: Data Overage and Billing Issues

Thank you Dmitriy,


Your explanation makes the most sense.  Obviously I believe that the ATT reps made a bad business decision and compounded the situation by not paying attention to the fact that:


1.  I was out of contract and free to terminate my contract for any reason.

2.  I made it clear that I was traveling and considered my dispute still pending.

3.  I paid the remainder of my account as I normally do.

4.  I made it clear that the matter was not going away.


As an update, I received an email today asking me to call ATT to discuss my concerns.  I responded to the email and informed ATT that since my phone was disabled, I could not make a phone call.  So I initiated an online chat.


In my opinion, ATT did not deserve any more of my time and consideration, but decided to extend myself again.


I informed the rep during the online chat that I had ordered a $30 payment from my online banking, and once ATT received it I would be unlocking my phone and moving to another service provider.  The rep quickly credited the $30 and restored my service, and when I asked about the days without service, that amount was credited to my account also.


So my point is that ALL of this was predictable.  I spoke and chatted with at least 3 ATT reps who either could not or would not solve my problem... until after I was extraordinarily inconvenienced and upset being disconnected over a $30 bill.  It also is not as if I had not communicated my concerns to ATT and made it clear that ATT was free to bill me for whatever they wanted, and of course I would be forced to pay... but that I would almost certainly move to another service provider.


When I returned to my home city, and after some difficulty arranged for a pick up at the airport without benefit of my cell phone, I went directly to a competitive service provider.  Immediately.


Now I have done the research and know that there is a better plan for me with a competitor to ATT.  I never would have accomplished any of this had not it been for obstinate customer service reps.  I probably have spent a total of 5 hours either chatting in person or online with ATT over this, and am grateful for the final representative who offered the logical resolution and credited my account and restored service.


Will I switch to a competitor now?  I will weigh the advantages vs. disadvantages.  ATT provides excellent coverage and horrible customer service, on the whole.  Yes, my problem is ultimately solved, but I'm not sure it was worth it to me.  We'll see... at least your response and the last Rep have me off the ledge.


But I would not have been there had not the matter been handled poorly in the beginning.  I felt like I was a student, under contract, and willing to be bullied with loss of my phone.  By the way, I did not ask for a credit... I waited for it to be offered.  I don't know if it was worth my time over $30.  I'm quite confident it was not worth the expense to ATT to fight over $30.  And to others out there... unless you are willing to be patient and fight, it is easier to switch.  If I switch, it will save me money in the long run.

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