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Data Outage Fayette County Ohio (Washington Court House) Help!!


Data Outage Fayette County Ohio (Washington Court House) Help!!

For the past 7 days, my Samsung GS3 has no DATA in my home area. 1-2 mile radius. The funny thing is, my data DOES work when I'm on a call. I have called our local At&t store, which confirms a tower is down, however, the 800 number insists the tower is NOT down and gave me a $200 bill credit....which makes no sense I went and swapped out my phone and sim card since it is only 1 month data works fine at work but not within my home area that it used to work in. Any ideas what the problem might be?? If I have to switch from At&t, I plan to go with Verizon. I can't live without my data at my home...I need to send emails for work.

I have never had this happen before

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Re: Data Outage Fayette County Ohio (Washington Court House) Help!!

I live in Columbus and was told data was out on most towers here and all of southern Ohio and surrounding areas of Columbus by technical support. It's not expected to be resolved until Tuesday night. Surprisingly I haven't had anymore issues. Hope yours gets fixed fast.
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