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Customer Care Malpractice "they Lied to us" for more monthly money from a Terminally disabled child


Customer Care Malpractice "they Lied to us" for more monthly money from a Terminally disabled child

just Disgusting..

Every time we try to upgrade my sons phone, we go through many Full days of Agony..


in Fact, AT&T's new LineShare DSL uverse almost killed my son.. son's heart equipment hooked upto phone line to transmitt/program his ICD implant.. U of M almost shock pulsed David when AT&T decided to just Upgrade to uverse over here.. (15days of Agony)..  same attenuation frequency


our son is Deaf with a terminal heart disorder, and can see out of one eye upto 3feet away..
yes things are tough for us.. but we keep fighting for him.. and his right to be able to comunicate freely..


vision getting worse, it was finally time to upgrade his phone after 3 years of using a small Pantech phone..

I call customer service to Verify eligibility on 10-21-2013, to do an upgrade with Davids specialized OGOMessaging5000 account, they say "sure no problem at all, to avoid all the pro-rate confusion on your bill, have a location modify the plan to get David the new phone locally, call us to resort back to the original plan" I say to myself, great no problems this time..



this account was created by the board of directors of Both AT&T and Cingular Wireless during the aquisition in
2004 for David.. 23.99 a month unlimited data and 5000 text messages voice restricted..


all we wanted was a swap to a phone David can see, to continue using AT&T service, and he was eligible for this..
the s3 mini fit the bill with an adjustable font for David..

we were actually considering turning off the account, but David needs to be able to comunicate..


After the swap.. well, we have been Fighting ever since-
"we can not bring back David's original plan, we have never seen this kind of plan before, and it's not showing up to re-instate this to his account, but we Do Have a 40 dollar plan we can put him on with unlimited massaging and voice restriction"


What The.. here we go with the same old Bullying AT&T
regardless of what your plan is that you are using with no problems, we are going to Hit you

with 'no longer available'  just to Get even More out of your back pocket..

David is terminal, and will Never work.. Extremely limited monthly funds..


Thank you AT&T.... there is Nothing new about you.. "Greeeeed"
...  monopoly do whatever we want AT&T


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Re: Customer Care Malpractice "they Lied to us" for more monthly money from a Terminally d

Still no data connection available

Pure hassle every single time calling AT&T
2hrs today, 3 transfers, can't help they say, but we can put him on a New plan..
just a disgusting sales ploy every time...

We Just want Davids phone to Work.. we don't need to buy AnyThing..

we No Longer care what the account name is called..
whatever it take to get back Davids unlimited data..

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Re: Customer Care Malpractice "they Lied to us" for more monthly money from a Terminally d



As I mentioned before, you don't need to call in because you are currently working with one of our specialists. Calling in repeatedly will put you in contact with several different reps who aren't as familiar with your particular case as your assigned specialist, and we want to prevent any possible confusion. 


Your assigned specialist is still working very hard to get your data services restored, and she has reached out to the appropriate channels.


Keep an eye out for any emails or private messages from her to make sure you are getting updated information.





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Re: Customer Care Malpractice "they Lied to us" for more monthly money from a Terminally d

Mariana -
I am posting here for all AT&T customers to See what AT&T dis to my son

Update -
No one can do anything to restore Davids data, old OGO plan not compatible with new data network..

specialist BeccaG says, call the standard disabilities line, i did..
40.00 a month with data Limit..

Nothing comparable to Davids original plan..

all we heard from Multiple AT&T reps prior ro phone swap was "he's eligible no problem" and "everything will be fine"

3 weeks of pure stress ever since..

So now.. with David being an AT&T customer since 2004
and so many Reps Lieing to us repeatedly..
we are now Ready to Leave AT&T

Someone needs to contact Retention Dept as soon as possible..
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