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Credit check problem - iphone 5


Credit check problem - iphone 5

I am a new social security card holder and when I went to at&t store and planning to buy iphone 5 with 2years contract. They didn't allow me to and requested me to contact the ssa and equifax to update my information, I called and update to the ssa, and the equifax requested me to fax them my ssc and photo id, but i don't feel safe to do i hesitated and now don't know what to do.

I told the at&t sales I am willing to pay for the deposit for my phone, but even so, they still dont allow me to!

What should i do to get my phone with the plan? is it a must that i need to follow what the equifax rep said?

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Re: Credit check problem - iphone 5

Hi Lilianakam! Personally, I wouldn't fax anything to anyone until you find out the correct information on how to proceed. Hopefully someone on the forum can point you in the right direction on this. It may be the correct thing to do but until you find out for SURE, I'd hold back on faxing anything.





     we live & learn~

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Re: Credit check problem - iphone 5

Equifax is one of the three major credit bureaus that just about every business and bank uses for credit checks. They collect credit information on everyone whether you want them to or not. If the information they have is incorrect, it can prevent you from getting credit from anyone and getting it fixed can be a nightmare. In this case, it sounds like they have no record of you. In my opinion, any opportunity to provide them with accurate information is a good thing. 

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Re: Credit check problem - iphone 5

The 3 major credit reporting agencies are






If you have never had credit in your name or SSN/TID number before that maybe the problem since there was no information available. equifax was playing it safe with the request for additional information by having you verify that you are actually who you say you are. If you have had credit in you name you can request a free report once a year.


to do so go to and down at the bottom there is a link for the free annual credit report.

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