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Coverage for Palm Springs, CA


Coverage for Palm Springs, CA

I have an LG440G phone from Tracfone.  I live very close to the intersection of  S. Palm Canyon Drive & LaVerne.  The most reception bars I have experienced, inside/outside, is two. This is the same reception level I get in the greater Palm Springs area. I am alwas able to make outgoing calls but very frequently, like 80% of the time, my phone does not ring when people are calling me.  Instead, I am told, the calls go directly to my voicemail.  Then, several minutes later, my phone notified me that I have voicemail.  Very frustrating.  I have visited a couple of cell phone forums and users with AT&T in the Palm Springs area have the same problem as I do.  Question: Does AT&T have plans to upgrade towers/coverage in the Palm Springs area? 

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Re: Coverage for Palm Springs, CA

Hello, @GeneL !


We don't have any information about Tracfone's coverage in the Palm Springs area, but you can check out AT&T's coverage viewer to see our network coverage. Otherwise, we recommend you reach out to Tracfone to find out the information you need.


AT&T Network Coverage


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Re: Coverage for Palm Springs, CA

Previous to my initial posting, I did check  the AT&T coverage map for my area in Palm Springs and what the map showed is less than optimal signal strength hence my open question as to if AT&T had any plans to upgrade the signal strength.  But I do appreciate you taking the time to respond.  Thanks!

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Re: Coverage for Palm Springs, CA

I would recommend a microcell for you but they will not work with a Tracphone or prepaid phones. If you absolutly need your service, id say you should, upgrade to a normal plan with AT&T so you can get a microcell, or check and see if other carriers provide greater service near you for prepaid phones.

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