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Coverage at Mt Hood Meadows Ski area


Coverage at Mt Hood Meadows Ski area

Any chance AT&T will provide some real coverage at Mt Hood Meadows Ski area?

The area get 400K-500K skier visits a year and AT&T has dismal coverage.

You are lucky if you can even make a phone call at some places and data is out of the question.

Seems like a lot of AT&T customers with little support.


Verizon good coverage in most all the areas.

My son's $30 a month Virgin Mobile phone has both strong cell and data at almost the whole area.


They both put AT&T to shame for service.


Fellow riders feel sorry for all the AT&T people. It is quite sad.

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Re: Coverage at Mt Hood Meadows Ski area

I could not agree more. I know a number of people that have switched to verizon due to the poor AT&T coverage. I am strongly considering a change mid contract based on safety.

How do AT&T decide where to improve their coverage? How can we influence this decision?
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Re: Coverage at Mt Hood Meadows Ski area

I agree AT&T need to put a LTE tower on the mountain. I am planning to move my business services to Verizon, just so I don"t miss any business calls. The only downside is that Verizon cellphone don't get the best reception in my house, so I would have to buy a Network Extender for $250 more.


Since October 2 of 2013, I have been spending most my free time at Mount Hood Meadows.


I think we need to place a sign at Meadows and have all AT&T customers join in on a group effort to fix this.


I hope AT&T can fix this issue on the mountain and soon.

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Re: Coverage at Mt Hood Meadows Ski area

Still no tower at Mt hood meadows, as a att customer for over 12 year, I guess we are not worthy to have coverage where I spend most my winters at and so many other peope. I think it a lease battle for space, but att at 150b+ still can't get space!

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