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Coupla questions about my new "$40 Smartphone Monthly Plan"


Coupla questions about my new "$40 Smartphone Monthly Plan"

Howdy, y'all, I recently converted from a postpaid plan through my employer to the $40 smartphone prepaid plan. I have a new phone and family plan so the Gophone plan is just to provide a migration period from my old phone #. To start the Gophone plan with my old # was a time-wasting ordeal at the local AT&T store, but that's a story for another time. To avoid unexpected charges, I read the plan description and have printed it for future reference. For 40 bucks a month, I get 500 minutes of cellular calling, unlimited text, picture, and video messages, and 200 MB of cellular data. "Unused data allowances do not rollover." OK; what about cellular minutes? Do they roll over? What about free nights and weekends as I had with the previous postpaid plan? What about free AT&T-mobile-to-AT&T-mobile? The plan includes other features, but I'm concerned about those features noted as "Airtime charges may apply," like "Basic/Visual Voice Mail," "Three-Way Calling," and "Call Waiting." I get that "airtime," or cell minutes, are consumed for Call Waiting and Three-Way Calling, but voicemail seems to require data transmission. I noticed that I don't receive voicemail notification nor can I listen to voice messages unless the "Data connection" is on (I have a Lumia 520 running WP8). Is that a smartphone feature? Thanks for your reponses.
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Re: Coupla questions about my new "$40 Smartphone Monthly Plan"

Hello, OCTurbine!


Thanks for your post!


I've looked into this for you, and voicemail shouldn't require data transmission unless you're using something like Visual Voicemail. If you're simply calling your voicemail, it should just count as airtime. As for the minute usage, you'll find that your unused minutes do not roll over to the following month. "Free nights and weekends" is a feature associated with our post-paid plans, as is "mobile to mobile" calling. For more information about your particular GoPhone plan, simply click on the link below. 


$40 GoPhone Plan


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!






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Re: Coupla questions about my new "$40 Smartphone Monthly Plan"

Thanks kindly for your note, Mariana. You clarified almost everything. With a bit more investigation, it seems that the "Data connection" must be on to receive notifications about voice messages. Dunno, but maybe this is how Windows Phone 8 works on my Lumia 520. Best regards.
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