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Confused and new to this prepaid plan/iPhone


Confused and new to this prepaid plan/iPhone

I'm thinking about getting either an unlocked iphone 4s or an iphone 4s with an AT&T Carrier. I'm very new to this prepaid plan and I did some research. I've also looked at YouTube videos on how to use this but most of the videos are old. 


I have a few questions to ask: 


For the plan - Do I pay monthly or do I pay with a card? I want voice, text and data. 


What card should I get? Or are they all the same? I've seen some cards that says ''3g'' on them and these were from looking at images or videos, I did not go to stores to check them out yet. (sorry if that confuses you or doesn't make sense, like I said, I'm new to this whole prepaid plan thing lol)  


Should I buy the microsim card from ebay/amazon? 


I just want to make sure that I got everything correct and understood how to use it. I don't want to have any problems or bills to show up. I just want to buy a card and refill everything just that simple and easy. 

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Re: Confused and new to this prepaid plan/iPhone

Hi There!


Let me start off by warning you on buying a non AT&T iPhone online. AT&T doesn't guarantee service on any non AT&T phone.  So even if the device is unlocked, it may not work.


We use a service called GSM, where Verizon & Sprint use CDMA. So if you buy a Unlocked iPhone from them, your service would not work either.


Now, if you buy an AT&T iPhone, and want to use it on prepaid, it's very simple.


Bring the phone into any AT&T store, and we will set up new service for you. The sim card is free in any Company Owned Retail location. There is two different smartphone plans.


$40 Month - 200MB Data, 500 Talk Mins, Unlim Text.

$60 Month - 2GB Data , Unlim TALK & TEXT.


You can refill your account in any AT&T store, or purchase the prepaid refillable cards at most store locations like Walmart, KMart, and certain retailers.


Hope this answers some of your questions!

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Re: Confused and new to this prepaid plan/iPhone

If you're interested (in my opinion) in a no-nonsense activation process by activating the SIM and phone yourself, I would highly recommend purchasing a microSIM from eBay. The activation process is very simple. I've done it several different times.

As for the plan, it will be billed on a monthly (30 day) basis. You have the option to sign up for auto renewal if you provide a valid credit card.

Good luck and enjoy!

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