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Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

I have upgraded from $2 a day to $25 monthly plan and now onto the $50 monthly plan but had to go into an AT&T store on each occasion as could not find how to do on line.  Have tried setting up an AT&T ID as suggected in the support screen for changing a rate plan.  However, says not applicable to Go Phone.  Been back into the store and not had any help.  As I will be out of the US for a couple of months I will want to change plans again.  Just do not want to have to keep going back into store.  Please can anyone help.  Thanks

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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

Here are instructions on how to register online to manage your GoPhone Account:


Let us know if this helps. If not, we'll get you some additional help. 


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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

Hi.  What you have suggested does not work.  I have clicked on your link which takes me to the "Change your rate plan"  I then click on 1 - go to change your rate plan in my AT&T.  I already have an AT&T Access ID.  When I go to link my account it gives me an error message - PSLDCP05: we can't link prepaid accounts to an AT&T access ID.  It then suggests to go to go phone registration site.  I am already set up on that as I have used that for pre filling the phone and arranging packages on line.  I would appreciate some further assistance in sorting this matter out.  Thanks.

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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

You can also call 611 to change your features
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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

Thanks.  Yes I have seen that it can be changed by calling 611 but I would like to be able to do it on line.  Any further suggestions/help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

I got the same run around.  I get directed to a page, wher it says you can change your plan (I want the 25./mo where I can add data....they set me up for 25. worth of minutes (wrong).  So I egt directed to a page where there is a line to pick the 25./mo plan....but guess what?  No button!!  I'm a new customer AND SO COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED I HONESTLY FEEL SICK. Sure a lot of it is that I now have a smartphone (which is ALOT dumber than my other Samsung 'dumb' phone......) so I am already frustrated........but the fact that their office is closed isn't right.  You can't do anything online, its torture.  I was disconnected by the 'help'......

meanwhile I get the text...charged .20 for a text.....that was supposed to be free............tick tick tick, the plan will expire before it gets fixed!

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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

It should be easy in this day and age just to click on a button to change your plan. It isn't and remains a painful exercise to do so. It took over 30 minutes for me to change it again the other day. I have asked AT&T several times about it but they have done nothing.

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Re: Changing Rate Plan on a Go Phone

I have had a Go Phone Plan for about six months now. I have been looking online for a full proof way to change my plan, without going to the AT&T store. Up until now I've been doing the two dollars a day, unlimited talk and text and my account is two days shy of needing minutes. I have an iPhone 4 (which I was told was not available for a Data Package when I first started my Go Phone Plan.) AT&T knows I'm using this iPhone as a Go Phone but I'm a little afraid of doing anything online without being sure because I keep seeing everywhere on the Go Phone site that if I do change any features my current money could be lost so I don't wanna do anything I'm not sure of! Can anyone help me please? Also I have a Debit Card, I didn't purchase a prepaid card to attempt ro switch.
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