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Central Jersey coverage problem?

Central Jersey coverage problem?

Anyone else near Edison NJ having signal issues?


We're getting 2 bars outdoors and calls to us intermittently go straight to voicemail. Texts sometimes come an hour late.

Data goes from 2G to 3G to 4G at random. Upload speeds even with 4G lit up are as slow as 88 KBPS!


The coverage map says there should be excellent coverage here.


Is it just us?

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Re: Central Jersey coverage problem?

Having similar issues here in Old bridge and frees him areas. Ever since storm things have gotten much worse and don't seem to be improving but actually getting worse.

I miss so many calls and texts and my texts have trouble going out even with two bars. Bars are down to one or no service at all in areas at office and home where I usually had three

This has gotten worse not better closing in on a year since the storm.

Am thinking of switching out entire office to Verizon.

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Re: Central Jersey coverage problem?

Freehold area I meant
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