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Cell service


Cell service

Yesterday, I was trying to text something to a friend when I notice that I had no 4G service anymore. I haven't had cell phone service since that happened. How do I get it back?
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Hello and welcome to the forum, are you still having this issue? Do you not have any cell service or just not 4G?





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Re: Cell service

So I live in Oregon. For the last week I have suddenly had a problem sending messages. Then, I started having a problem sending and receiving calls. Since I don't have a landline this is a big problem with kids in the home. I've restarted my phone, checked for updates to the phone and looked on the net. My phone shows 2 bars and 4g lte.

All of the apps that use wi-fi are working just fine. These kinds of problems are why we left T-Mobile. What's up?

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