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Cell phone charging system.


Cell phone charging system.

My wife just bought a Galaxy Note 3 and entered into a new contract for another 2 years.  Now, 19 days after purchase the charging cable stops working.  I troubleshoot, and it is definitely the cable.  I called the local service center and explained the issue, I was told that they could not help her because she had exceeded her 14 day trial period and she hadn't bought a service plan.  This is a $700.00 phone, and in less than 30 days the cable goes and at&t can not provide her as part of their customer service program a simple replacement cable. Something that as simple as an RMA could fix and satisfy a customer of 6 plus years.  I am hoping that someone can resolve this issue and keep me from going with another service provider because I enjoy being with at&t.  How important is my wife as a customer to at&t to you?

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Re: Cell phone charging system.

Hello bebasman,
I suggest you stop by an AT&T Corporate Store and explain your situation to them there. I had a similar situation with a family member's GoPhone charger. They checked the charger and tried a charger they had available behind the desk. Once they determined that it was indeed the charger they gave me a new charger. Regardless, your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty for new phones, and 90 days for accessories. This should also include the charger.
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Re: Cell phone charging system.

I agree with julywashere. I would suggest stopping by an AT&T corporate store or contact Samsung for a new charger covered under warranty.

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Re: Cell phone charging system.

thank you very much for your replies, and I agree 100 percent with you. However, that is not how it works for me. I followed your suggestion and they did not give me the same results you had. In fact they told me that I needed to buy a new charging system. And it is disappointing because up to this point I was happy with AT&T. I guess it just sucks for me, it also ends my renewal with AT&T. I guess saving $39.99 was more important than saving a customer who gives free advertisement. Because that is how happy with them. I've been an AT&T customer & a loyal one for a number of years; entered and re - entered contracts with them, never asked for anything and this is what I get. Who ever is faithful in little is also faithful in much. AT&T got too big for its own britches. Thank you all for trying! God Bless!
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