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Cell Towers

I have been a long time AT&T customer and work in the 92301 zip code area, in San Bernardino, recently I purchased an iphone 5 and get little to no reception on this phone at work, the closest AT&T cell tower is miles away, and am not able to get WiFi out here either, I am writing to find out if anything can be done about this, I have been a loyal customer for more than 18 years, and would hate to give up my service due to this, most of my coworkers that have iphone's have already dropped AT&T and have switched over to Verizon, they now have 100% reception, I am hopeful that something can be done by a company as big as AT&T and work on correcting or helping with this problem.

Thank you.

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Re: Cell Towers

Hello zuze17,


I'm very sorry that you're experiencing poor network coverage in your area. I completely understand your frustration and want to thank you for your patience. AT&T's top priority is delivering the best network to as many customers as possible. You can also download and install our free Mark the Spot app to let AT&T know where network improvements are needed.


Learn more about it here: Report dropped calls and wireless network issues.





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