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Cannot Make or Receive Calls


Cannot Make or Receive Calls

I CAN'T make or Recieve calls from my GO Phone.... I Have 24.38 on my GO Phone Account, and TRIED POSTING on AT&T's FACEBOOK PAGE..... Haven't recieved a Response.... BUT I got REPORTED to FB about my POSTS on FB and NOW, I'm BLOCKED from posting On """"ANY"""" Page !!!  AND I ""Subscribed"" to Several FB Pages---- which I can NOT now Post on !!!  


I """"NEED"""" Help fixing this MESS, of NOT being able to use my Phone !!! HELP!!!!  ( AHaaaah!)


This is """SO""" Fustrating ! 

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Re: Cannot Make or Receive Calls

How's the coverage in your area? Little to no bars or full service?

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Re: Cannot Make or Receive Calls

 Are you on a monthly plan?

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