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Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages


Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

Good Evening,


I have a Huawei-U8665 (Fusion 2) and haven't been able to download any pictures that I get in my mms messages. This just recently started happening.  I have checked my settings.....restarted my phone.....taken out the battery and waited for a few before I powered my phone back on.....I have even reset my phone back to factory settings.  Earlier this evening I went through and cleaned out my SD card, putting pictures from my phone onto my computer.  I went through all of the trouble shooting and have searched the forums. NOTHING has worked!!  Why would this just all of a sudden start happening? Any suggestions on what else I can do??


Thank you in advance for any suggestions and help!

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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

Hello, gott2beme!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble downloading pictures. It sounds like you've already tried basic troubleshooting, so go ahead and send us a private message by clicking here so we can get you in touch with our tech support experts.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, please feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

I had an Android phone that would sometimes do that, too. It wouldn't happen with every picture I received, but every once in a while it would happen. I would try to download the image by tapping 'Download' and it would give me an error message. It would get very annoying to say the least. I think it would happen when my signal wasn't strong enough to download the image, i.e. 1-2 bars of EDGE versus 3-4 bars of 3G.

You are unable to download ANY pictures sent via MMS whatsoever?

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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

I can download pictures from my email or from Facebook Chat....but when my kids send me pictures, various sizes, I get the message "Currently unable to download.  Try again later."  Not sure why all of a sudden it just started happening.

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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

Thank you  ATTMarianaCM!!

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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

have you make sure that your wifi is turn off when trying to download the pic. confirm that you can access the internet using data. if yes. then confirm with a rep that your mms apn are correct and mms feature is active on their system. if there is no data access on your phone ( not data package...I mean correct apn setting, and right code on and set up on the account) then call customer care so that they can help. Fusion is usually easy to fix
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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

Thank you OH45669!!


I didn't even think about the data access!!  Sure enough I didn't have any data access.  I'm on the $60 plan and don't go out away from my wifi too much....when I am out my phone is in my purse and I don't usually take it out unless I'm turning it off to go in to doctor's office or restaurant or if I'm the passenger in the car. So I called customer care and let me tell you I love the service that I get when I do call!!  Alex was great at helping me out.....although it's not fixed yet.....he tried everything imaginable and sending it on to a technician to help.

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Re: Cannot Download Pictures From MMS Messages

Cool! I hope they got it fix pretty quick for you.
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