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Cancelling my GoPhone Account


Cancelling my GoPhone Account

I have two phones on my prepaid account that I need to cancel.  My account is set up to automatically renew each month.  So when I cancel will I get the remainder of my payment that wasn't used.  I also need have my daughter's phone unlocked so it can be switched to the other provider.  Thank you for your help.



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Re: Cancelling my GoPhone Account

If your billing cycle has already occurred and your service is currently active, then unfortunately, you will not be refunded the money spent for this month.

You will have to contact AT&T customer service to inquire about unlocking your daughter's phone as well as canceling your service(s). Dial 611 from your prepaid phone and when you get to the main menu, keep repeating "customer service." You may need to do this three or four times for it to finally go through. Don't worry, it will. You will then be transferred to a live rep that should be able to help you with this task.

Good luck!

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