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Can't tether with unlocked Lumia 920


Can't tether with unlocked Lumia 920

I unlocked my Lumia 920 with the code from ATT. It works with different carriers now. When I try to tether, it tells me " To enable tethering at this device, go to". The sim card in the phone is not from ATT and I ported over my phone number to the other carrier. What gives?

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Re: Can't tether with unlocked Lumia 920

Yep. That's exactly what happens. Tethering can only be enabled on AT&T, for AT&T branded Windows Phones.


No one is sure if this is by design or some issue in the settings when using a different carrier.


I found this thread with a fairly odd workaround that some folks report as working:


I also see several reports that tethering does work if you're not on LTE, even without the convoluted steps above.

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Re: Can't tether with unlocked Lumia 920

Just turn on Network sharing  under the  Settings.. I'll turn your phone into a WAP - if you have wifi on your device then you're good to go... If you're trying to tether it as a modem - you may be {edited for word filter evasion}.



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