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Can't cancel online order?


Can't cancel online order?

I've been with AT&T for years, first on my parents' plan and now on my own. I even used to work for them. I've never had such a perplexing issue as this one.


I upgraded one of my lines on Friday night, thinking maybe the order would be processed on Saturday and I would hopefully be receiving my device by Wednesday at the latest. I'll take full responsibility for that issue seeing as though I assumed things would be done on a weekend. So I thought, it's alright, I should be able to cancel my order and go into the corporate store today. I have 30 days to cancel so it shouldn't be an issue.


The rep I spoke with said that there is no way for them to cancel the order once I agreed to the term and conditions. The order hasn't been processed yet. It's been sitting with the warehouse since Friday evening so it's not like it's been processed and packaged and shipped. She said that what I would have to do is either wait for the package to arrive and refuse it or I could wait until it arrives and then take it to the corporate store and exchange it. Neither of those make any sense to me because I want the phone, I just can't wait a week or more to receive it. I briefly thought of calling back and asking someone else, but I work in a call center and that kind of stuff ticks me off. So now I'm asking you guys, why is it "impossible" to cancel an order while it's still in processing? Does anyone have any clue?

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Re: Can't cancel online order?

at this point there is no way to verify the status "sitting in the wharehouse" may mean that it is packaged and scheduled to be picked up on the next fedex/ups run. The majority of online retailers have a very narrow window of when a online order can be canceled or modified, some are as short as 30 minutes.


Also - be aware the return period is not 30 days anymore, the buyers remores retrun or exchange is 14 days, this changed about a year ago

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