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Can no longer receive or send picture messages as of 8/31


Can no longer receive or send picture messages as of 8/31

My sister and I went up to Best Buy on Saturday (8/31) because I was elligable for an upgrade and decided to let her have it because she wasn't and needed a new phone.  They had to use my SIM card in order to do everything, I think what they did was transfer all my data to a new SIM card and gave her the old one?
Anyway, after everything was done, later on in the day a friend tried to send me a picture and I couldn't pull it from the message.  Normally when I get pictures, I open the message and it's displayed right within the message, I've never had to actively try to receive it or pull it from the message before.
I have an AT&T Z221 (prepay model being used on the family plan, had to replace the phone I had originally and that was all I could afford, but that's another story).
Would I need to go up to Best Buy and talk to them about this, or could I go to an AT&T store?  Or does anyone have a suggestion for a quicker fix?

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Re: Can no longer receive or send picture messages as of 8/31

Hello, Buri288!


Thanks for your post. Are you still experiencing difficulties downloading photos? It sounds like your basic phone data plan or pay-per-use data plan may have unintentionally fallen off during the upgrade process. Your best bet is for the account holder to simply add the feature back online at


Alternatively, the account holder can add it over the phone or at any AT&T store.


Let me know if this helps!



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