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Can i upgrade my phone already?


Can i upgrade my phone already?

My contract is ending on november 19 and i have a really crappy iphone 4. The camera doesnt work and im going somewhere in a couple days and i want to upgrade & renew early. Would i be able to renew my contract and get a galaxy s4? What would they charge me for?
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Re: Can i upgrade my phone already?

You can call and ask, but a month early it would likely cost you $250 over the subsidized price, plus the $36 upgrade fee. So if the subsidized price is $199, you're looking at $485. If you can hold out till November 1st, you'll probably get the full upgrade price.

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Re: Can i upgrade my phone already?

If your contract ends on 11/19/13, you are probably already eligible for an upgrade now.  Have you checked your upgrade options on MyATT or by dialing *639# from your phone?

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