Can Sierra wireless sim be used in a phone


Can Sierra wireless sim be used in a phone

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  • So I have a Sierrawire wireless card from when Hurricane Irene hit. It kept our office running as I had it doing Internet sharing. I don't use it that much now but want to keep it as part of out DR plan. Question:


Can I put the cards sim into a regular cellphone (AT&T of course) and use it as a phone?  What type of plan will be on that sim?  Data only?  How about voice and texts?  


Its a waste to have this thing sitting in my bag and only use it maybe once every 3-4 months at best. It's too expensive 







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Re: Can Sierra wireless sim be used in a phone

The line can be turned into a cellphone. You would need to call customer care or go into store and have plan changed. Plan types depend on what you need. You can use same sim card or cor store & customer care can give you a new one free if you need micro sim.

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