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Can I use an Iphone 5 on the $25 gophone plan?


Can I use an Iphone 5 on the $25 gophone plan?

My sister has an Iphone 5 that she is going to give to me. I already have a plan(the $25 gophoneplan) with an Android phone. Can I use that same plan on this iphone 5 if I don't want data? Or do I have to use a plan wiht data with an iphone?

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Re: Can I use an Iphone 5 on the $25 gophone plan?

Yes, you can use an iPhone 5 with your existing $25 monthly plan. I do the same thing. Keep in mind that on prepaid plans, you DO NOT need to subscribe to a data plan, although they are optional if you would be interested in using one.

I would assume that your current Android phone uses a microSIM card or perhaps even a regular-sized SIM card which is a problem because the iPhone 5 utilizes a nano-SIM. You can go to any AT&T corporate store to switch the SIMs (for free) and get the phone up and running.

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