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Can I use a PEBL V6 on AT&T plan?


Can I use a PEBL V6 on AT&T plan?

Hey all, I have what I hope is a couple of fairly striaghtforward questions. I have an old Motorola PEBL U6 that is still like new. I only stopped using it because I needed a smart phone for my job. Don't need the smartphone any longer and would like to get into a cheaper no-contract plan. The PEBL is GSM 850/900/1800/1900 capable and uses a mini-SIM sized SIM card. I am looking at the 35/month to month basic plan on AT&T as I only need to send an occasional text and place and receive phone calls (no data and no web). Just a bare bones phone is all I need.


I am hoping that someone can tell me if this phone will still work on AT&T and if the SIM cards are still available (or an adaptor as a work around if not). Customer service tried to be helpful but ultimately could not answer the questions.


Thanks for any assistance

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Re: Can I use a PEBL V6 on AT&T plan?

You'll be just fine.

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