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COMPLAINT wireless


COMPLAINT wireless

I initially had one complaint but having to jump through all these hoops and sign up for this made my complaint list longer. 



I have been an ATT wireless customer for some time now. I recently added a line to my account. I then returned to upgrade my phone. When I added the line I wanted a certain phone that the stores did not have in stock on that day which is why I had to upgrade at a later date. 


Anyway, I was told that because I have a military I.D. I was eligible for the discount. No specifics were given as to it having to be a member I.D. So of course with my phone being $200/month BEFORE the addition... I jumped on the opportunity to save money..naturally. I gave the salesperson my I.D., he took pictures and submitted it and said everything is set up. Not long after I started getting text messages saying to call and having common sense, I knew this was all going down hill.


PROBLEM 1.: If customer service has an issues they need to resolve with a customer, why not (at minimal) give a COURTESY CALL to the CUSTOMER in order to try and resolve the issue...... 


PROBLEM 2.: When the customer responds to the text to call customer service, WHY is there a hold time????? 


PROBLEM 2.: Military service isnt something new so I am sure most are aware that allot of the servicemen  are often gone on the field, on duty, out to sea...etc. So having my spouse as primary on an account that I would need to changes on would be an inconvenience.. as he is not here often. So why am I not allowed to have the discount that was not only OFFERED TO ME "in store" but given "in store"? It all of a sudden doesn't count because they cant give it in store (as told to me by the gentleman that I spoke to on the phone who enlightened me that there is a "regular" customer service).. 



PROBLEM 3.: I always thought there was one type of customer service and their focus is CUSTOMER SERVICE, to assist the customer, and CUSTOMER RETENTION... 


ATT is the highest costing wireless provider id like to think that we can get this together. 

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Re: COMPLAINT wireless

Hey Keeisleaving,


I feel your frustration, you explained your feelings quite well. It certainly seems like some of the details for the process weren't well fleshed out.

We here at AT&T have to juggle a few things to make sure that we're not defrauded and have everything applied appropriately.

We have a specialist team that reviews your "proof of employement" to make sure it's valid.

The Account Holder name must match the name of the person eligble, and must be a current employee.

Have your spouse go to to give authorization to initiate the Transfer of Billing Responsibility process. That will help you change who the Account Holder is.

Our corporate locations simply send your information along with a form to our specialist team, and they may have denied it, since it didn't meet requirements.

Once you're the Account Holder, this website may be an even easier way for you enroll in your discount.

Put in your military email, follow the prompts that we send and enjoy your savings.



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