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Business account possible reason for text usage not showing?


Business account possible reason for text usage not showing?

I finally called AT&T Mobility customer service today to ask about the issue I'm having with text usage not updating on my online account (see my previous post).  After talking to a customer service rep who could not understand what was happening , she then transferred me to someone who handles Apple issues (since I have an iPhone), who understood what I was talking about and directed me to the correct department.  In talking to the CSR in the internet dept., he said that he had never seen an case like mine and when he asked his supervisor, she hadn't either but the screen he was looking at, my billing screen, definitely showed there have been no text updates for almost two weeks.  After he started a ticket to have this further investigated, he mentioned in passing that my account was a "national business account"  and that could possibly be the reason why the texts weren't updating on my online usage report.  I don't have a business and our phones are strictly for residential use so I asked what he meant.  This type of account allows the phones on the account to keep the same phone number, no matter what regional market they're in.  Long story short - I transferred billing responsibility for three phones in December and my ex-husband kept his own phone on a separate account.  Because he is living in a different state now, in order to keep his phone number the same, his phone would have to be on a business account.  And, the only way to accomplish this is to move it FROM another business account.  So, completely unbeknownst to me and without my permission or agreement, my new account was changed to a business account, a month after I transferred billing responsibility. No one I've had any contact with, beside this particular CSR, has ever made any mention of this and nothing to clue me in on this appears on my online account or current bill. And this unauthorized change was made on the exact same day that my text updates stopped.


The CSR said he wasn't positive that this would be reason why the text updates stopped and that they very well may resume during the next billing cycle, but it's a pretty big coincidence and I'm pretty angry about this.  I have no need to have a business account to keep our current phones - I didn't move out of state - and I really don't like changes being made to my account without my knowledge or approval.  Anyone in the know want to weigh in on this?

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